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Artist | Digital Art
United States

Nothing is easy to dedicate to. It is not the end goal that truly mattered, it was weather or not you took the first steps and continue taking them, that do.

If you fall down seven times, stand up eight. - Japanese proverb

Artist and hobbyist animator, fan of many things that make me want to think about them.

“Often times life will spin you in directions you didn't expect. You can sit down and cry, you can run and hide… or you can dance."
Lindsey Stirling

“A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.”
Leonard Nimoy

"You are entitled to your opinion so feel free to see things the way you like."
Lauren Faust

"Growth is awkward, in retrospect kind of embarrassing...But in the end ultimately necessary"
"If someone finds a home in you they'll always remain in your heart. No matter the circumstances you're their harbor, their shelter and life."
Monty Oum and Sheena Oum

"Good art doesn't come from focus groups or statistics! It comes from people who Share how they see things their own unique way."
Doug Walker

" I thought then of all those people you touched who would take that joy and build on it and shape it and pass it along. And the people they passed it to would in turn do the same and so on and so on. And the joy you have made will live and breathe and move forward in so many ways that we as people can’t and in so many ways that we as people can’t even imagine. "
Micheal "Burnie" Burns

"People who hate success will never be successful. Focus on your success, and your story.... just go forward, practice. Just GET to college, study hard, be awesome at what you do."
Scott Cawthon

"If you can use those fears to shape who you will be and push past them, you can do anything."
Mark E. Fischbach

"Everyone has different opinions based off their experiences in life and their beliefs. Don't ever let anyone tell you not to feel a certain way about something you're passionate about, and share the same courtesy with others; feel the way you want to feel, and let them do the same. "
Barbra Dunkleman

"Behind the art there is a face, and behind the face there is a brain. That brain is broken and messy, but it's mine, my own little slice of humanity. It's tough. But I'm real"
Destiny Blue

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